If you only do 1 thing all day- Make sure you make your bed.

The day starts with that one thing. It prepares you for the day and if you can do that one thing you may have the self esteem, energy and direction to do others.

Look at your charts and see if you can tick off other things. For instance have a shower, eat some fruit, breakfast, maybe a nice glass of orange juice.

The charts are there so you don’t have to remember too many things. Just remember one thing- to fill in the charts. Even if you put a ‘No’ in the chart entry. ‘I have not done that for the day.’ The overview is that there are small targets and you are plotting your progress each day.

Each day you have the potential to increase your progress and health by looking after yourself.

With a chaotic mind the simple things can stress you out- being organised makes the day seem less daunting!

And the day starts with making your bed……

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