Preparing freezer meals

Have you discovered the joy of cooking? You may like cooking but do you like clearing and washing up and doing this every day?

Well there is an answer- Tupperware!

With kitchen plastic Tupperware boxes you can mass cook a dish that is suitable to go in the freezer. This simplifies cooking. You can get away with mass cooking once every 2 weeks and dishes go in to the freezer.

This way you only have to worry about cooking or making breakfast over the two week period. Lunch and supper are already sorted.

Sounds good, well there is another good reason for doing this. You may find cooking every day that you would struggle to use all the vegetables and things would go off on you.

With mass cooking- not nessesarily to a cook book recipe (be a bit creative) it’s easier to use all the vegetables and put them in stews or macaroni cheese or Bolognese or curries, ect.

And you know the ready meals you create are packed full of goodness from all those vegetables that actually get used. No GI numbers or preservatives. And diet is very important for mental health.

You have to carefully find the right Tupperware that are suitable for freezing.

I make sure I use ones that are big enough for lunch and dinner (split the contents in half when you defrost)

They can be re-heated on a plate in the microwave or small saucepan.

There is minimal washing up and the fridge is clearer.

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