The wonders of reading…

In the food world, they say ‘You are what you eat’

In the mind world it is similar! Feed your mind with good and interesting thoughts….

Im not a huge reader, at least I didn’t used to be. I would pick up a book on every 12th cycle of the moon and bring it on holiday and forget to unpack it, or fall asleep rapidly or lose interest.

Why I like books….

Recently, I have begun to marvel at books. Not only are they depicting a story, a narrative, speech and action. They also give you the inner mechanisms of the authors mind and thus the characters thoughts.

Films and images give a lot of information but they are focused on behaviour and what people say.

Books have something films do not, books have the subtext of what a character is thinking and for that reason it’s interesting.

Ive struggled with sub-text a lot with Bipolar; around sometimes what is not said, often jumping to conclusions in how others think. Resorting to having paranoid thoughts and assuming the worst.

Since i’ve made a habit of reading every day, i’m picking up on more and more nuisances in conversation and instead of assuming the worst, I think…., ah that’s interesting….

And it helps start a conversation when you ask ‘Why’.

Books are your friends; especially if you spend a lot of time in your own company. You are not only not lonely you are living in another world or character and seeing things through other people’s eyes.

No matter the genre you can experience other characters struggles without having to go through it yourself. This may give you perspective with your own struggles; in that you are not alone.

Someone, somewhere has had similar thoughts on topics which are similar to your own….

3 thoughts on “The wonders of reading…

  1. Yes yes!!! I love books too! My only regret is that I haven’t always liked to read. Lord, how I wish I’d started reading a lot earlier in life! I would have learned so much more. That’s why I love books- because I learn new things from them and like you, find out that others thoughts are similar to mine!

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