Over exposure/ Impulsivity

I don’t know if others have the similar difficulties with impulsiveness but it can be a real problem.

Being spontaneous has it’s good side. A spur of the moment thing can be creative, endearing, thoughtful and above all fun!

However, it has it’s dark side, especially with tools such as the internet. Posting or saying the first thing that enters your head can be dangerous. ‘Loose lips sink ships’.

In the moment when excitement and connectivity take over you- nothing seems like it is off limits, especially with comedy. Except of course when you go over the limit!

You can get into all manner of embarrassing and sometimes funny situations but you could find yourself very over-exposed. This is true for all people not just with a mood disorder. There is practically unlimited ways the internet can make you lose face and respect. It could be a drunken video last night, now online with a traffic cone on your head that gets shared thousands of times. It could be a karoke where you regret it later.

Whatever, the impulsive action is, with modern technology it’s a good idea to count to ten before you act and imagine the consequences and reaction afterwards. People with mood disorders I think experience it harder, especially with social media and when you lose track of your social filter.

Have fun but protect yourself.

Reputations can take lifetime to make and seconds to destroy!

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