System meltdown

Central processor overload

Psychosis can fry the connections in your brain. The logical processing part that keeps you in a safe place can break down.

I call it dinosaur brain; where you are prone to experiencing all manner of terrors. The code (stimulus cannot be processed) and the result is a havoc on your soul. Speaking, listening, talking; or any kind of stimulus becomes like knives attacking your psyche. It’s emotionally and psychologically painful existing. It becomes like a puzzle how to fix it.

My go to method is increasing the antipsychotic slightly or finding a quiet room to find peace.

The reality is upping the medication doesn’t always work. Sometimes issues that have overloaded the frontal part need to be worked through with someone who can help you- professional or otherwise.

I believe that the damage is in the central processing part of the brain and I believe exercises to do with learning can strengthen the connections.

I also believe when the brain is tired there are temporary short circuits and medication (anti-psychotics) at these times is vital for me.

Do you find this to be true. Would love some feedback from people who go through this and your coping strategies for getting out of the nightmare.

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