Ever thought of learning music?

Its an endless form of learning, it’s absorbing, creative and lots of directions to take. I started in late 2017 and it has definitely helped me overcome depression and is an awesome distraction!

You don’t need a lot of money to start- well maybe a bit! I would recommend starting with the guitar and learning all the basic chords. I started by buying a few Justin Guitar books, he’s a really good teacher and has an online youtube channel.

My starter kit was an acoustic/electric guitar. You learn more with an acoustic but I wanted half and half- hence the electric bit. My Acoustic/electric guitar (a fender) was under £200 and an Roland Cube amp approx £150. Im trying to do it all, guitar and singing, maybe it’s a bit over ambitious but its what I wanted to do, so picked up a mic for under £100.

In the last year Ive started learning recording programs such as pro tools first and Abelton. Im a bit lost at the moment in the direction to go but the next stage is to get a drum machine and start mixing tunes. The drum machines and mixing is a bit like being a DJ and lots of computer skills. You can make the bones of a tune without the lyrics and add them in later.

Ive found that I quite enjoy making up songs. Not only is it a mega distraction from the Bipolar type stuff- I actually find with some of life problems that come up and mood swings theres actually a bit of raw mood material to make songs.

Im in no delusion that I’m still not a great musician or music editor but I always find the learning and the journey to be more fun than the destination.

Check out my music page on the blog as examples of the stuff I’m working on, hope it may inspire you to give it a go. Its the journey not the destination. Rome wasn’t built in a day!!

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