Its been my third month of this system in place.

I have noticed the following things.

Im fitter, healthier, tidier, better socially and more stable.

Ive been finding on the bad days charting moods has been really effective.

The moods include anger, sadness, fear, trust, disgust, excitement, paranoia and hatred, and I’ve added one more happiness.

Im finding that as long as these moods are at level 1-4 everything is okay, happiness and trust can be higher scores as consider them good ones!

You need some anger and sadness and all the bad moods- just a lot healthier if they are at lower levels.

When I have good times I sometimes forget to fill in the charts but that signifies they are good days. I fill them in anyway days later to give perspective.

Last 5 weeks I’ve noticed that on the exercise/sleep and chart that includes being tidy I have successfully done 1-3 hours sport a day, almost every day. Lost 4 kg. Also I have kept on top of washing, washing up, tidying and cleaning place, shower and teeth regularly without fail.

This may seem really basic but in some periods of life I wasn’t even doing this.

Because of the charts I am getting into better habits and it’s starting to become automatic.

I also have read 5 books in 3 weeks doing the chart -that means I read at least a chapter a day.

The CbT diary was used a lot in conjunction with the trigger chart but as I’m writing down the triggers in the cbt journal and sorting/ solving the problems- the triggers are going down and there is less entries in the cbt diary.

In this third month period I have also been taking vitamins every day. And I have noticed it helps improve emotional wellbeing.

This all has resulted in less Bipolar symptoms and schziophrenic symptoms and longer and longer periods of normal functioning.

One thing I have not tackled is money yet and eating into my savings.

But started doing part time work…

Lastly been recording what I eat daily to track good and bad diet days and see if I can break unhealthy food habits.

I also given up smoking for 1.5 years but on electronic vaporiser. I started on 18mg and now down to 6mg strength. Lower nicotine has been making me less racy but worried a lot stopping completely.

Medication has been steady at 10mg Olanzapine daily and sleep patterns have been normal.

January’s charts all filled in and can be graphed and stuck into Scientific journal.

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