Out of frying pan and into a pleasant bath or a raging fire??

Next week I turn over a new leaf. My current medication is Olanzapine 10mg daily. Ive been on Risperdone (didn’t work), quientipine (made me manic and psychosis), araperazol (wasn’t great).

Everyone is different but Olanzapine has worked the best over the years. Kind of a sledge hammer to crack a nut though. Works for lots of different mental problems but not amazing and has side effects such as excessive eating and water retention. After my second psychosis at 25 years old Olanzapine hasn’t been working as well. Im now 34 and I still have symptoms on Olanzapine.

Too much Olanzapine has given me OCD symptoms too in the past.

Ive tried Prozac as an antidepressant to having some benefits including stoping OCD stuff.

Mood stabbers made me feel like a zombie.

The new leaf and change is going on Clozapine. It has been rated by 70% of users as 10/10 for effectiveness compared with Olanzapine 5/10.

For many people Clozapine can be a miracle or so they say but it has serious side effects.

One of which is attacking your white blood cells. There is a 2-5% chance of this happening. So I will have to have blood monitoring tests every few days for several months.

Im actually nervously excited to see how it effects me.

Every anti-psychotic medication is like a marriage. It changes your biochemistry.

I have found that on different ones I am prone to enjoying different things- some I get really sporty on and some I have a new found interest in art or creative things.

Starting next week!!

Wish me luck!….

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