When first in mania falling in love was intense. Are you really in love with her or the idea of what you see.

Infatuations is looking at people with romantic notions with rose tinted glasses.

There is a very nice side to this but if not reciprocated its not good.

Everyone wants something different, be it friendship, love, sex. If you match great. If you don’t is it healthy?

And should you not save your good feelings for somebody else that can reciprocate rather than spend it on a friendship?

Infactuations is like a dopamine circuit board where wishes and dreams and hope are mixed together. It’s like a gambling slot machine where you feed the machine but it rarely if ever cashes out.

Again, if your expectations are different you don’t get caught in this trap but maybe also you lose interest because you may be getting what you need else where?

And then is it a friendship but more on an aquientences level where you don’t really care?

If only life was like a Disney.

Just got to match is the key…

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