1st week clozapine

Thought symptoms

Paranoia gone, delusion gone, anxiety lower, obsessive thoughts lower, overthinking/over analysing lower, no trauma memories, have not got stuck in mind maze, my insight however has also been lower as not so aware of my consciousness, time slowed down, I feel I’ve overslept each morning but up at 8am, sense of humour intact, filtering out more stimulus not so sensitive, seems like I have a force field or thinker skin.

Mood symptons

Taken me out of a high/mania, slows chemistry down, easier to chat and empathise with others without having mood contagion, my thoughts seem more private, can’t read minds or others can’t read mine

Side effects

Extreme tiredness, feeling slightly sick, giddiness, sensation of spinning, strange headaches, pins and needles, odd legs aches, feinting, acid reflux for 2 days, spacey, hungry, excess saliva, heart palpitations, racing heart, worry about heart attacks, knocked out

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