Just checking in

I have not posted for a while. Its been a strange few months.

I spent a month in hospital being tiltrated on Clozapine.

I found that there were pros and cons of Clozapine- like most drugs!

The pros were that I was relatively untroubled by mental health

The cons were my physical health deteriorated. My resting heart rate was a constant 110 bpm.

In fact I had so many heart related worries I went into A and E on two separate occasions.

The Psychiatrists decided that it was not suiting me to be on Clozapine and also with the combined Global pandemic of Corona Virus Ive had to be weaned off.

So I’ve spent two months doing very little except the occasional walk, cooking and watching films.

Boredom has now been kicking in and I’m back on to Olanzapine.

Olanzapine is not perfect but its the best one for me, with relatively little side effects.

Going to try and structure life into more holistic ways and see what difference it has.

Hope everyone is keeping well and managing to stay positive!

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