Start of the hypomania

A period of creativeness started about a week ago and now feel very irritable and high.

It started off pleasantly but now its horrible, I need a rest.

Had two complete nights of insomnia where I have not felt the need for sleep.

Forcing myself to sleep is tricky, have to meditate and even when I have slept do not feel rested.

Music creation is sending me slightly crazy too!

My solution is choirs around the house, busying myself and trying to exhaust myself by long distance walking.

Its so subtle to start with but luckily I have insight from previous experience of it.

It can be dangerous as in full mania, so going to be really careful for a week not to overdo things that make me feel too good.

In times like these I try and think of sad and depressing things to bring me down. And work and exercise to keep grounded.

Hope everyone is feeling well during these strange times.

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