The Patronus and Advocate

‘Words cannot hurt you, can they?’

But how can words effect people so much and in particularly labels and stereotypes?

This is where having a Patronus and Avocate would be great.

An advocate would be like a lawyer, building up your case and defending yourself against wrongful attack and ignorance even when you are not with it or unable to defend.

A guide that lets you know your never wrong. One that has your back, the voice of your soul perhaps, or the voice of yourself speaking to a younger version of yourself.

The imagery of a patronus is fantastic antidote and medicine to the perils of the world and external environment. A light that never goes out and pushes demons away.

The mind loves imagery sometimes just playing around with ideas like this can get you out of a rut.

Sometimes it seems people do have demons and these demons understand how you think, act and behave.

But each time a demon comes into your subconscious, they are learning about you, but you are also learning them. How they behave and how to ultimately defend, beat and banish it from your mind.

Im not talking of a religious demon, more like a complex world of confusion and muddles and real life issues.

Understand your demons, learn their weaknesses, have your back and chip away at the concepts, and banish the poisonous ideas from returning.

And watch, gradually over time as new experiences enter your life, walking a path you’ve never walked before.

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