Okay, so I plan to lose weight. Im 16.5 stone and want to get to 12 stone minimum.

Ive decided to bite the bullet and cut out meat, processed sugars and foods and limit dairy.

Vegetables is the way forward I think. On a diet wheel I found online your daily diet should be 24% vegetables, 24% fruit, 30% carbohydrates, 14% protein, 4% dairy and 4 % oils/fats.

Fruit and vegetables are considered body balancing foods, Carbs are for energy, proteins are for muscle and repair and dairy has vital calcium and other nutrients, fats are also important for cells but in moderation.

I figure that there is no room for cakes and biscuits and crisps. They kind of don’t fit in anywhere.

Instead of counting calories which is super tedious I am going to make sure I stick to the diet wheel percentages.

As long as I eat whats on the wheel im going to eat as much as I like. Don’t want to feel hungry, as this leaves temptation more prone to sugary quick fix foods.

Was hard starting but now i’m really excited as been 2 weeks so far and have lost 3/4 of a stone.

Also been doing a bit of sport, but still….!

Im actually finding having massive amounts of vegetables and fruit really satisfying. Ive been a big carnivore in the past and do enjoy a bit of meat but I’m slowly changing my mind.

Going to plant some in the garden and see how many different vegetables I can grow….

Big fan of beetroot and advocados and mushrooms. Hmmmmm, veggie-troubles….Delicious 🙂

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