Being a loner….and loving it!

Ive discovered over last few years that I love being a loner!

Ive been in stages of life where I was very popular but last 5 years Ive had fewer and fewer friends and done less socialising and i’ve been getting happier within myself.

Im not sure what this means? I mean I have good social skills and can enjoy socialising but generally finding piece of mind and more creativity on my own!!

This goes against what society thinks I need. I tell a lie cause I do sometimes enjoy company but mainly at a neutral location- like sports event or cafe.

I like my own space for myself or animals. I have no idea if I met someone how I could live with someone else!

The danger of being too happy I guess is someone will comment on it.

Things people may say

‘You love yourself too much’ or ‘your a narcissist’?

Or if your sad

‘Oh, you must have low esteem problems’

The list goes on. I think in the past being a popular person I fitted in with people a lot and did and said what they wanted at the cost of my own views and opinions.

Another label could be I am self centred I guess…that is preferring my own company.

Or ‘your too sensitive, grow thicker skin’, this is a classic when your receiving nasty comments that ive seen people do.

Haha, you can never win in life, well actually you can.

Just be not bothered by peoples reactions and learn their positions and motives. It becomes less personal!

Funnily enough, I have grown thicker skin by being more self absorbed and happier. As a result I am perhaps more critical of other people’s opinions but I see this as healthy.

The strange thing about people mentioning grow thicker skin is that if you attack them back, you may find out their skin is thinner than yours!

People often say things about themselves directed at you. Working out what belongs to them and you is really helpful. What people say about you, really tells you more about them.

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